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Why haven't I met grandma when she was young?

a collage exposition by Beata Mordawska

at the Cashubian Museum in Kartuzy 14.05 - 7.06.2022

Cultural Scholarship of City of Gdansk, 2021

BM Ritta 7.jpg

The Exposition is to present collage works created with unpublished and recently discovered photos of


Ritta Romel Czarnowska (1936 - 2012)

accompanied by the artifacts from her collection.

Ritta, born in a Kashubian village, loved beauty and created fashion in Gdansk - a city that had just arisen from ruins. With no traces of scratches or wounds from the past, Ritta enjoys life and exudes timeless beauty. Her creations evoke fashion from the great world worn by people like Jackie Kennedy.


The background of most collages are paintings created in 2019-2021, and referring to the multi-layered wave outer space in which everything is possible, the artist did not refrain from incorporating Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe's photos into the pictures. Ritta's beloved art of Matthäus Schiestl depicting, according to a sustained family fantasy, "Jesus walking around the village of Brodnica Dolna" appears on one of the creations.

The Kashubian Museum is the first to exhibit the resulting works that connect pastel, bright paintings of the artist with black and sepia of photographs. On the one hand, Mordawska tries to undermine the lid of time, denying its importance or existence. On the other, she examines the spiral of genetic connections to be on found photos from 60 years ago to see herself, cousins​​, or nephews. Is she sure she didn't meet her grandmother when she was young?


The album is available as a free downloadable e-book on the site

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This project is supported by:

The Cultural Scholarship of The City of Gdańsk, 2021

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