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IBIZA 1001

Collection 2023

Ibiza Collection 2023 is a vibrant and immersive artistic journey crafted on the enchanting island.

In this ode to the magnetic allure, I've harnessed the pulsating energy of Ibiza, allowing its essence to infuse my work. I imbued travel format pieces on paper with vivid fluorescent colors and dynamic shapes that command attention. These works, as a result of two or more sessions with time intervals in between, reflect the intuitive nature of my art. Time is the magic ingredient that enriches every facet of creation.

Discover the transformative power of time, color, and the island's indomitable influence from the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

Ibiza 1001 2.jpg
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This exquisite painting is now available in print, allowing us to cater to your unique needs and preferences.


We're delighted to offer personalized quotes to ensure your art perfectly complements your vision. Please don't hesitate to reach out for your tailored quote today.

IBIZA 1302
Garden of Prosperous Radiance

Collection 2023


Step into the captivating realm of "Garden of Prosperous Radiance," a magnetic masterpiece that beckons the soul with its dynamic interplay of color and light. This painting is an enchanting fusion of vibrant magenta, regal purple, and other bold hues that exude the essence of the mystic West, where the colors of twilight and dreams merge in harmonious enchantment.

This work transports to a fairy tale garden, a realm where the boundaries of imagination dissolve. The vivid bursts of color intertwine like blossoms in full bloom, weaving a tapestry of life and energy. Among these radiant hues, delicate golden lines emerge, creating an intricate dance of precision and freeform expression. These golden embellishments evoke a sense of luxury and opulence, as though the canvas is adorned with the very fabric of prosperity.

"Garden of Prosperous Radiance" possesses a magnetic quality beyond mere aesthetics. It channels the viewer's inner power, inviting them to tap into their deepest potential. The painting serves as a beacon, drawing not only admiration but also the transformative forces of wealth and love. The energies contained within these vivid strokes and golden accents have the power to manifest abundance and affection in one's life.

"Garden of Prosperous Radiance" is an open invitation to dream, to unlock the latent potential within, and to bask in the radiant allure of prosperity and love, unlocking the power of art to inspire, transform, and illuminate.

art ibiza 2.JPG

This artwork is destined to grace the eclectic and exquisitely designed interiors of those who appreciate the fusion of tradition and innovation, the whimsical and the elegant. Its kaleidoscopic vibrancy and golden luminescence make it a perfect fit for spaces seeking a touch of enchantment and a dash of prosperity.


"Garden of Prosperous Radiance" is available for prints, allowing admirers of this work to bring a piece of its magnetic allure into their own lives. Whether displayed in a personal space, a place of business, or a cherished gift, this print preserves the enchantment and offers a gateway to the energies it embodies.

Ibiza galerie interior 1.jpg
Villa Ibiza 1_edited.jpg

IBIZA 1004
Explosive potential

Collection 2023

Within this captivating canvas, an explosion of vivid colors and dynamic forms converges to create a visual spectacle that defies categorization. It undeniably exudes a vibrancy and spirit that commands attention. This composition, characterized by its bold hues of green, purple, and orange, presents a remarkable fusion of elements, evoking the essence of both the familiar and the enigmatic.

Drawing inspiration from a multitude of influences, the artwork conjures the image of an otherworldly creature intertwined with intricate networks. The bold and striking use of green and purple hues imbues the piece with an air of mystique, inviting viewers to explore the depths of its artistic narrative.

Spanish words punctuate the canvas, inviting contemplation on the tumultuous forces at play in our world.The composition invites reflection on the emergence of a hybrid entity, one born from the intricate web of interconnected societies and cultures. It stands as a mirror to the rapid transformations and paradoxes of modern existence, reflecting the simultaneous allure and chaos of our contemporary age.

As one gazes upon this kaleidoscope of color and concept, it becomes evident that the piece is a powerful commentary on the potential for both destruction and renewal in a society teetering on the brink of explosive change. It is a work that beckons the viewer to explore the depths of their own imagination and consider the multifaceted layers of our collective human experience.

Ibiza 1004.JPG
Bedroom Ibiza 1_edited.jpg

IBIZA 1501
Eyes of Hope

Collection 2023

In 'Eyes of Hope,' a smile radiates from the canvas, a beacon of unwavering optimism and love. This piece, part of the Ibiza Collection, embodies a reconfigured message of 'don't worry, be happy.' It invites viewers to embrace hope, compassion, and a belief in the power of human emotions.


The artwork symbolizes a world where problems are transformed into solutions, and where progress is driven by learning and understanding. It speaks to a journey towards peace, love, and unity.


The serene imagery evokes a sense of trust, like the comforting gaze of an ever-watchful companion. 'Eyes of Hope' reassures that everything is on the right path, that life is a journey, and challenges are but passages. It is a visual ode to the unwavering faith that all will be well, encouraging viewers to trust in the trajectory of their lives.

Living Room Smile 2.jpg
Living Room Ibiza 4_edited.jpg
Hall Smile 1.jpg

IBIZA 1101
Portal to Undiscovered

Collection 2023

Within this mesmerizing mixed media artwork, the viewer embarks on a visual journey into the enigmatic realm of the unicorn's universe, an exclusive addition to the Ibiza Collection of 2023.

At first glance, the painting presents a vibrant and innovative world, a fusion of the startup ethos with an industrial undercurrent. It is as if the canvas captures the very essence of a dynamic, ever-evolving future, where technology and nature coalesce. The piece suggests both the explosive potential of discovery and the ceaseless drive of progress, juxtaposed with the timeless mysteries of ancient symbolism.

The core of this painting's composition hints at structures reminiscent of pyramids, suggesting hidden passages and secrets awaiting discovery. Alternatively, one might perceive an industrial landscape with its symphony of machinery, billowing plumes of exhaust softened by nature's verdant embrace. It is an interplay of opposing forces, where the cryptic meets the progressive.

The color palette featuring lush greens and ethereal pinks, is accentuated by unembellished white spaces that beckon the imagination. Tantalizing splashes of yellow and red infuse the canvas with vitality, giving life to the artist's vision.

A luminous orb resembling an all-knowing eye takes center stage. It invokes a sense of divination, as if the painting offers glimpses into the future. It is the harbinger of what is yet to come, a symbol of hope and enlightenment.

Indistinct figures or creatures lurk in the shadows, prompting contemplation of their significance. Are they symbols of unity, or do they represent otherworldly connections? Their presence speaks to the promise of a new world and the role of future generations in shaping it.

The top right remains an open expanse, akin to a canvas of uncharted dreams. It represents a realm of infinite possibilities, a blank canvas awaiting the artist's brush strokes.

This captivating work is an ode to the beauty in imperfection and a testament to the human spirit's courage to tread uncharted paths. Whether viewed as a universal symbol or a deeply personal narrative, this painting invites the observer to dream, to hope, and to embrace the future with fearless optimism.

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Villa Ibiza 2.jpg
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