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Ibiza 1101 2.jpg

IBIZA 1001

Collection 2023

Visiting the island gives me a special vibe. And from time to time I express it in my arts.

I am enjoying the mixed media made in two sessions, with a relative distance of time between those. Time is the magic ingredient that I now add almost to everything, from cooking to thinking, writing and art making.

Ibiza 1001 2.jpg

IBIZA 1003

Collection 2023


Ibiza 1003 2.jpg

IBIZA 1004

Collection 2023

RICO is a dreamer, and we have that in common. He seems like a happy Octopus moving through the magic of the underwater world, while most people merely stay on the surface. On that day, RICO goes to Geneve to fulfill his mission.


Painted on 1/07/2021
Acrylics on canvas, 70x70 cm


Ibiza 1004.JPG

IBIZA 1401

Collection 2023

Ibiza 1401 2.jpg

IBIZA 1101

Collection 2023

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