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Beata Mordawska, 1984

Fine Arts Academy of Cracow, Poland 2016-2017

Gdansk University of Technology, Poland 2003-2008

Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain 2006-2007

Beata started painting in pastel colours and repaint wood in 2012. She used to feel uncomfortable with contemporary art and was shocked one day to have realised she started creating it.


In 2016 Mordawska met Dwurnik who influenced her to paint a few series of stained glass paintings. While living and meditating in Portugal she was moved by Mooji teachings and focused on effortless abstract art which led her to the knowledge beyond.

Her recent works are inspired by quantum physics,  multiverse - multiple universes theory, out-of-body experiences and relevance of dreams. 

She listens to women and reads men. Her masters of art have been Tori Amos, Agnes Obel, Haruki Murakami and Jim Crace. 

She worked in Warsaw, Cracow and Lisbon, and returned to Gdansk, Poland in 2021. She is currently working on her debut novel 'You sea, Doria?' is to be released soon.


Tel: +48 500 80 10 82

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