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Art I
Dream Rabbit

Lisbon, Portugal, 2020

Discover the captivating world of Art I creations that have been unfolding in the heart of Portugal since 2019. With each stroke of the brush, we delve into the realm of intuitive art, a process that is guided by the subconscious and marked by spontaneity. These artistic masterpieces are often born in a single, unbroken session, but their journey extends far beyond this initial moment of creation.

Art I's work is intricately intertwined with the profound insights of Carl Jung, the renowned thinker who believed in the power of dream images to connect us with the deepest recesses of our minds. In the spirit of Jung's philosophy, Art I's creations serve as a visual bridge to our own subconscious, allowing our souls to communicate through the evocative images and forms that emerge on the canvas.

The Art I exists in a realm of its own, defying conventional artistic categorization. Each piece is a symphony of dreamlike figures, where abstract and surrealist elements seamlessly converge. These pieces transcend the boundaries of traditional art, hovering gracefully into the non-figurative. They beckon viewers to interpret and imagine, offering an open invitation to explore the depths of their own consciousness.

In this collection, Art I's intuitive art not only echoes Jung's teachings but also embraces a personal journey that is both profound and unique. These artworks are a imprint of the power of spontaneity and the endless dialogue between artist and soul. Welcome to the enigmatic world of Art I, where the canvas is a portal to the mysteries of the psyche, and each stroke is a step deeper into the unknown.

medium: acrylic paints and pencil on canvas 

8/01/2020, 50x50 cm

Art I
Enigmatic Realms

Lisbon, Portugal, 2020

"Enigmatic Realms" is a mesmerizing work of art that effortlessly blends powerful imagery with a delicate, soothing aesthetic. At first glance, one is captivated by the graceful strokes of the brush, which seamlessly weave delicate pinks and latte hues into a serene backdrop. The interplay of these warm colors with a gentle baby blue and hints of yellow creates a sense of tranquility, inviting viewers to bask in its soothing ambiance. 

Yet, the magic of this painting lies in its enigmatic depths. Upon closer examination, one discovers a hidden world within the canvas. Mysterious eyes, faces, and otherworldly creatures peer out from the background, hinting at an unseen dimension that coexists with our own. Are they protectors, benevolent observers, or something more sinister? The uncertainty in their gaze invites contemplation, raising questions about the unknown and uncharted territories of existence.


Moreover, a deep, powerful shade of green resonates from the core of the artwork, exuding a palpable sense of authority. This deep green invites us to ponder the hidden forces and mysteries of the universe, prompting us to question whether there might be more to reality than meets the eye. "Enigmatic Realms" is a painting that transcends mere aesthetics, offering a window into the mysteries of existence and encouraging viewers to embrace the enigmatic, ponder the risks, and remain open to the possibility that our world is interconnected with uncharted realms beyond our understanding.