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Intuitive art

Lisbon, Portugal, 2019-2021

Since 2019 I have been developing myself in the intuitive art – created without planning or thinking and finished in one session.

As Jung believed in connecting us through the dream images to our subconscious – I believe that by making spontaneous art we allow our soul to talk to us via images and forms we create.

medium: acrylic paints and pencil on canvas 


20/08/2020, 50x60 cm


18/02/2020, 60x60 cm

FEDERER HURKACZ 7.07.2021 BM.jpeg

7/07/2021, 60x60 cm

8/01/2020, 50x50 cm


17/09/2020, 50x50 cm


25/01/2021, 50x50 cm


5/09/2020, 50x50 cm

RICARDO 1.07.2021 CUT.jpeg

1/07/2021, 70x70 cm

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