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Permafrost is soil, rock, or sediment that is frozen for more than two consecutive years. Imagine you are in Siberia or Canada, and these structures are hidden under the ground, like the cones of ice. It is maybe difficult to imagine, so you may think that these are like giant diamonds, just made of mud and ice. They are there.

Probably permafrost is also in each of us - frozen parts of our body, of our cells. They contain a potential that is frozen, hidden under many layers of things we learned and how multifunctional we became.

It is okay and natural to contain permafrost - it used to give us strength and power because it is rigid when frozen. We build on top of that our house, garden, road, and life. Rich and poor are now trying to postpone climate change - if it unfreezes permafrost, we will have millions of millions of losses to cry over. Yes, if the temperature goes up, the life speeds up, and vibrations rise - something will definitely break. It can be us, our homes, rituals, and routines. What we constructed may fall to pieces, we can soon find out there is a huge hole in where our road has been.

On the other hand, permafrost could be our creativity - frozen or "silent all these years"?

We may experience that meltdown, and see what to fill this new empty space with. Maybe there is something we wanted to change in our lives and kept awaiting a perfect opportunity?

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