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I never understood why she didn't leave the city so much and was at home so well. Today I can spend hours in it, surrounded by the past of her property. I cannot help but admire what an extraordinary woman she was.

She came to Gdansk after the war, and here she met a man with a potato nose and the strangest name. She fell in love "because he had such beautiful, lush hair". I arrange it like a puzzle. In the memories, she's a seamstress, her favorite cake is a jelly cheesecake. She failed to teach me crocheting, left a wardrobe of dresses and coats - on top of it my mother found a cardboard box of cookies, filled with tiny photos that took our breath away. We spent several hours just staring through the magnifying glass at microscopic details. A Ritta like nobody knew.

She came from Kashubia, and in the city, she turned from a scared maid into a city lady. Gdansk completed it, and she always remained faithful to it. I want to take the beautiful Ritta out of the cookie box, dust it off, pour wine into crystal glasses, reveal the Vatican curtains, and create a collage of memories - light, romantic, and humorous, sprinkled with emotion, filled with gratitude.

Grandma had no idea that I would write and paint. I would like to surprise her pleasantly. The inspiration for the project is the album "Flash of a revolver" by Agora Publishing House, released after the death of Wislawa Szymborska, 2013, presenting previously unknown works by the artist "from the first to the last".

The free e-book premiere is on 29.01.2022.

Polish version will be available on 15.01.2022 on

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