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The game of the moment

I was sitting and painting when tennis results were coming to me, quite unexpectedly. 3:0, 4:0… I said it was impossible but happening, and continued painting. Of course, I might have some initial thoughts like:

paint something calm, like last years' ‘pink rabbit&koala’, use only three colours.. but these plans so soon were crushed and torn to pieces, my hand kept adding more and more colour, and there is little calm in red…

If I cannot go further with only three colours, I add the fourth, and so on. This continues until I feel it is finished or I am too tired to move on, one session only. I do not correct, remake, when the moment is gone or the time out, all I can do is to face the result. And try to understand it.

There is always a reason behind a painting, as all is energy. The energy of the moment was filled with battle. Probably also some rational resignation. Federer vs. Hurkacz, and the result of that moment is something nobody can correct, we can just look at it, and reflect.

Panted 7.07.2021, finished at 21.23h, Gdansk, Poland

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