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Updated: Oct 22


Inspired by the events of 2022.


Our Moon is living in many dimensions, just like Earth.

Therefore do not be surprised that there are various Moon stories. Each one is not less probable than the other, as long as you can only imagine it.

Part 1 Gods

Some time ago, Gods disappeared from Earth. One could say that they lost their jobs. Managers kept obeying orders even if those did not suit them, plus they were easily substituted, and these days you paid them less than in the past. Since Managers had developed their EQ, they could handle stressful situations without creating unnecessary earthquakes or tornados. And because People liked things simple, effective, and cheap, no wonder that at a certain stage, Managers replaced Gods.

What happened to Gods? A few still stayed in Thailand or Indonesia, but their profession was no longer as it used to be. Local Believers went busy serving Tourists. Gods kept getting upset with their names being misspelled, forgotten, or confused with another. The most annoying, however, was when Tourists touched their bellies and noses!

Gods’ days on Earth were counted. They needed something new as many faced burnout, depression, and lack of motivation. Most of all, they missed this wonderful bliss that People’s prayers used to give them. Not to mention the delicious treats some still left for them on Bali. But Gods went crazy once they found they needed to fight for these among themselves. It was late, but they finally embraced the fact: Too many Gods, not enough Faith!

Gods did not like to blame anyone for any situation as they were proud to take responsibility for their actions. This time, though, they did blame: Money. Although in despair, they found it ridiculous how on Earth there was more Money than People. How can you praise such a thing?! Praise ants!

Gods lost their temper and started departing, one by one, to other planets and dimensions, to search for their Peace and Abundance once again. Many of them went to live among the craters of the Moon. It had nicely smooth valleys, they admitted. But nothing really worth visiting, unlike on Earth. No distractions. Here, views were bland, and days irregular, so most of the time you could find Gods accumulating power in their craters. Moon became their New Earth, and so they found their Happiness again.

Part 2 Santa

When the Sun was hidden behind the Earth, it got freezing and dark on both sides of the Moon. Christmas time has come this year exactly as The Moon was dipped in complete darkness. Santa arrived in his sleigh expecting that, apart from craters and Gods, there wasn't much on the Moon. And if there was, you just could not see it. It would be just another short stay for him.

- Ho, ho... Hmmm... Gods! This is your Santa Clause speaking. – he had a strong voice even in this weird atmosphere - Unfortunately, my Cookie-Reindeer did not make it this far. But here I am! I brought... a Special Gift for You! Please be so kind to materialize. Due to the weather conditions, I will need to take off very soon. Thank you for your attention. Merry Christmas! – Santa brushed his belly quite pleased with his speech. Whenever he did not know what to say, he bet on honesty.

Gods have materialized successfully, said a green lamp on his device. Although you could not see much during the New Moon period.

- To complete the mission I need to believe Gods are here. - Now we could hear Santa’s thoughts while he was lighting a torch. He attached it to the side of the sleigh, then took one large present from the sack. He always got a bit nervous in such moments. – Had the elves got it all right? Remember to improve delegating by the next year! – he had promised himself since 1984 - and do not worry about what you cannot control!- he had millions of weird thoughts all the way from his Warehouse to the Moon… But he loved his job! He missed his overworked, neurotic elves, and was a little worried about the Cookie-Reindeer, hopefully, he would find his way back to the Warehouse.

- Excuse me, Santa, you are sure you got it all right? – Santa heard a voice, but still didn’t see anyone - You see, we have quite a Colony of Gods here. That is One Gift, correct? Who is it for? – Usually, Gods did not like to materialize in case it got embarrassing. As it was now. ‘Just please no fighting over a gift’, they all kept as their Mantra.

- Ho Ho. Correct! There is Exactly One Gift. For EveryGod… to Share.

- All right… - The Gods were disappointed, but what could you do? – Should we sign something?

- Oh... no, there's no need to! - Santa had an allergy to bureaucracy - Merry Christmas!

Then he pulled out a Mars Bar from his pocket, extinguished the torch, ate quickly in the darkness, and flew away. He did not like embarrassment either.

Gods opened the Gift.

As they unwrapped this weird-shaped present, they found a Space Suit. With a Twitter Tag.

And inside of it,

Elon Musk.

The Tag said: ‘Good Luck with him.’

& Merry Christmas!

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