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Why haven't I met grandma when she was young?

a collage album by Beata Mordawska, available as an ebook here

Cultural Scholarship of City of Gdansk, 2021

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The Project is to present unpublished and recently discovered photos of


Ritta Romel Czarnowska (1936 - 2012)

accompanied by the artifacts from her collection

in a form of an artistic collage.

Ritta, born in a Kashubian village, loved beauty and created fashion

in Gdansk - a city that just arose from ruins.

With no traces of scratches or wounds from the past,

Ritta enjoys life and exudes timeless beauty.

ritta dance DANCE FRAME.gif

Ritta crocheted  mandalas

and loved to pose

among filodendron monstera plants.


She never flew with Lufthansa

but fell in love with a potato-nose man

bearing a strong Germanic name Medard.

Medard was created by maht - "might, authority, power, bravery" and hart - "strong, brave, bold".

6 ritta 2.png

Ritta inherited a piece of Matthäus Schiestl (Austrian,1869), the favourite art of her mother.

We agreed the forest in the village she used to live in

was very much alike.


ritta collage 55
ritta collage 61
ritta collage 54
ritta collage 44

She kept a few books - Pope next to Daniele Steel romances.


Hundred of her tailor journals with patterns

were recently eaten by moths.

ritta collage 54.jpg

Ritta married Medard twice,

when she was young and 50 years after.

She fell in love with his strong, lush hair

and left on his nameday.


The photos of Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and philodendron are borrowed for purely artistic purpose and art promotion.

This e-book is free of any charge.

Audrey Hepburn wedding photo - Ernst Haas, 1954

Audrey Hepburn in a black costume - Bettmann

Marilyn Monroe with a sheep - André de Dienes 1949

Marilyn Monroe in a swimming suit - André de Dienes 1949

Marilyn Monroe sitting - GETTY IMAGES 1954

​​In the background are the paintings of Beata Mordawska and Matthäus Schiestl.


On the photographs a friend of Ritta, Maryla Darznik. 

The name of the photographer remains unknown.

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This project is supported by:

The Cultural Scholarship of The City of Gdańsk, 2021

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