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Spain, 2022-2023

Poland, 2022

Portugal and Poland, 2022


My artistic vision is driven by a desire to lead viewers into a connection with the unknown, allowing them to hear the whispers of the universe, witness the interconnectedness of all things, and recognize that life is ultimately defined by our own perspectives and decisions.

My art is a vibrant, unpredictable hybrid—a pure and imperfect expression of the energy field conveyed through the movements of my hand. It transcends mere skills, tapping into the essence of human emotion on paper.


Distinctively, my work carries a message of hope, peace, and liberation from the burden of automatization and uncertainty. It speaks to the peace found in silence, promoting love, abundance, and the escape from chaos.


What sets me apart is my ability to capture and decode the universe's messages, spreading the ideals of freedom, self-love, and fine art. Through the lens of a free spirit, I break boundaries and limitations, aiming to showcase the best of our planet and uplift moods with every stroke.


Beata Mordawska


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