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Beata Mordawska, 1984

Beata Mordawska (1984) studied engineering and construction in Gdansk and Madrid (2003-2008), yet her artistic and literary pursuits led her to write journals, paint in pastel colours and repaint wood since 2012.

In 2016 she enrolled in the postgraduate course of Painting at the Fine Arts Academy of Cracow. In MOCAK she met Dwurnik who influenced her to paint a few series of stained glass paintings. After finishing positively the first year of Academy (as Beata Jedrzejczak) she changed her name, and left for Portugal, where she studied the teachings of Carl Jung and Mooji. Mordawska focused on effortless abstract art (acrylic paintings and drawings) which led
her to the knowledge beyond.

Her methods are similar to automatic reading, tapping into the collective consciousness. Her recent works are inspired by quantum physics, multiple universes theory, out-of-body experiences, and the relevance of dreams.

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